Questions about Jeeb

Questions about Jeeb

Jeeb is an online grocery delivery app that makes grocery purchasing and delivery simple. You can order all your groceries, including ready-to-cook items, fruits and vegetables, pharmacy items, snacks, beverages, dairy, and much more, right to your doorstep. Additionally, Jeeb comes with a variety of recipes, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes in many styles to suit different tastes.

Imagine that you make a list and get all your grocery items delivered right to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Jeeb does it with its 2-step grocery delivery service! Plus, with Jeeb, you can easily add items to your cart with one click. Also, customers love using Jeeb as it has a user-friendly interface, organized categories, wonderful offers, and amazing customer support.

If you have a message for Jeeb or want to give feedback on our services and products on Jeeb, feel free to contact us at We will make sure you get a quick response.

Jeeb is an innovative grocery delivery app, always working on improving its service. We offer a two-step grocery ordering system. Tap the 2-step icon, add the items you want to purchase to the list, pick up your choices, and Jeeb will deliver it right to your door. Moreover, guess what? You can add the items to the list using the voice recognition method. Isn’t it so easy? Furthermore, Jeeb is a heavy-load grocery delivery service capable of holding and delivering large orders to customers safely and quickly.

Jeeb offers a free delivery service if your order is over 65 QR. Plus, many products have additional discounts. Keep visiting the offer zone to make sure you benefit from all the interesting offers.

Our team consistently updates the status of the items. We label or remove the item if it is out of stock. Yet, we try to deliver the items if you place the order before we can label them. In any case, please feel free to contact us, and we will update you shortly.

We never compromise on the quality of products from our side. However, if a supplier delivers an incorrect or damaged item, contact the Jeeb support team at We will inspect the whole incident and update you as soon as possible.

We usually deliver items from 8am to 12am (Qatar Standard Time). However, we also work extra hours on special occasions.
Cancel or Damage

Cancel or Damage

In most cases, orders get canceled because the item might be out of stock or the limits on available quantity. Failure in the payment or connectivity issues with payment options may also cause the cancelation of the order. However, your order might also be canceled if Jeeb suspects you of using a fake identity or location. If any such things happen, contact our customer service.

Jeeb delivers the items carefully, packing the fragile items in bubble wrap first. But if the product you received is damaged, it might have happened in the delivery process. Jeeb offers a free replacement or a full refund of the damaged product. We recommend taking photos and recording the opening process. Feel free to contact our customer service with proper evidence as soon as possible.

If the item or product you received is not the one you ordered, immediately contact Jeeb customer service. You can ask for a replacement, or claim a full refund. However, if you want to keep that item, we will adjust the price and charge or pay you based on the circumstances.

Contact our customer service to replace your order. Kindly include all the details of your order and the reasons. Once we get your message, our support team will contact you right away.

You may return your order by contacting Jeeb’s customer support team. Please include all the product details and reasons to return your order. We will get in touch with you soon after getting your return request.
Referrals, Vouchers, and Offers

Referrals, Vouchers, and Offers

If you get a message that the voucher is invalid, it’s probably because you have entered the code incorrectly or it's expired. Make sure to check the code you entered and its validity. There may also be limitations on which products are eligible for the voucher code. If you experience any further issues, contact Jeeb’s customer service.

Refer your friends to get on Jeeb and earn points for free. The points you get in your wallet can be used as an additional discount on the app. For more information, contact Jeeb customer service.

To get up-to-date information on the offers on Jeeb, regularly visit the offer zone page. If you experience a glitch in the feature or the expected offers are not there, please report the issue to the customer support team.
Want to supply Jeeb?

Want to supply Jeeb?

Jeeb has a tie-up policy for interested suppliers. You can reach us via email at We will respond to you as soon as possible.

There are terms and conditions suppliers need to agree with to work with Jeeb. For more information, please email us at

Partnering with Jeeb needs to be discussed with the administration first. Please contact us at

Jeeb works on the principle of thinking of everybody's best interests. We have certain rules, regulations, commission policies, and documentation. Contact us at for more information.

If you are interested in negotiating a tie-up with Jeeb, feel free to contact us at Our administration will check out your proposal and contact you as soon as possible.