Think Groceries,
Think Jeeb

Jeeb is the solution to the traditional way of shopping for groceries by making it simple, fun, and quick.

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Hi! We're Jeeb! The easiest grocery delivery app to hit Qatar.

Created with safety in mind during the height of the pandemic, Jeeb's priorities evolved and now includes fast, easy, and hassle-free shopping. With a team of experts behind the app, Jeeb has made the grocery shopping experience much more accessible and interactive to anyone.

Jeeb will make sure that you can stock up on everything you need for the day, the week, or the whole month.

And you won't even have to leave your house for it.

  • Strategic logistical management
  • Elementary app technology


What makes Jeeb on Top

Our lives have become easier with the introduction of apps designed to assist users with daily tasks. We no longer need to leave our homes to fulfill our daily needs, including buying groceries, charging our electronics, making travel arrangements, and much more. Instead, we only need to use the apps to deliver our goods to our homes or other desired locations, which helps us save time.

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Get Connected: From Home to Grocery Shop with Jeeb

In the old days, grocery shopping wasn’t easy, which took away our time and effort. Technology makes people’s day-to-day lives even better through its various features. Mobile applications have transformed the grocery buying process pretty well. Today, everything has become easy and convenient. It was no problem walking to the grocery store and waiting in line for payment.

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Why moms love Jeeb

Grocery shopping is the primary job of moms in every home. In the past, most families headed out to grocery stores to buy things for the entire month or week. As a mother, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that the groceries are fully stacked. In this technologically evolved era, no mom wants to leave home to buy any product from a grocery store because the online shopping culture has changed them to expect to receive any item at their doorsteps.

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